Thursday, February 23, 2012

Marginalia (formerly Hot Sheets) Episode IV: energy and mathematics

I would like to sequence the genome of thermogenic plants to gain a better understanding of "autotrophic thermogenesis".  Renewable heat is also interesting.  (I wonder if I can keep 1000 gallons of water from freezing outside for a whole year?) 

I heard Robert Lustig on Science Friday recently, and found his arguments about the damaging effects of sugar, particularly fructose, in the modern diet compelling. 

After the Arab Spring, I wonder if any emerging democracies could build approval voting into their election systems.  I really like this voting method. 

I wonder if an optimal and efficient general algorithm exists that can solve all Travelling Salesperson Problems.  (I think ant colony optimization algorithms and other swarm intelligence methods are promising.)  I look for optimal solutions to common everyday problems all the time, so algorithms for solving TSPs remind me of the way my mind works!

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