Friday, February 4, 2011


Vik over at The Lazy Randonneur occasionally posts "bike porn" - salacious pictures of beautiful bikes for people who have a real affection for such things.  Here I will post some "greenhouse porn". 

Doug Leen lives in Petersburg, Alaska.  His greenhouse (pictured above) is simple and beautiful.  Essentially it looks like a modern trestle frame or truss frame design.  I'd like to build one very similar. One thing I might add is eye bolts and cables for diagonal bracing along the walls, but rigid polycarbonate panels serve the same function.  

Rosie Creek Farm has a beautiful collection of greenhouses used to grow their organic produce.  One might say this is simply a larger version of Doug's truss frame greenhouse (though it was built earlier, another view).  The larger roof span benefits from a more triangulated truss design.

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